Welcome to our Wheel of Time podcast series! Every month, starting in November 2016, we’ll be covering one book in the series, starting with The Eye of the World. Each book will get at least two episodes, with a possibility for more. You may be coming to this page before we start, or maybe while we’re still working through the series. Go ahead and join the conversation now! In the comments below, let us know what you want us to cover, what you’re most excited about, and how many episodes you think we’ll get through before a fist fight finally breaks out between the panelists. One rule, though: Please mark your spoilers. Some of the panelists and many of the listeners will be reading these books for the first time, so give fair warning before you tell everyone that Darth Vader is Rand’s real father.

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  • Sven David

    What I’d really like to see/hear are your predictions for the series as you progress through it. Keeping a tally of how many things you correctly predicted, and your most egregious mistakes.

    • Ooo, I like it a lot. We’ll only have one of us who hasn’t read any of it though. (That will be Kenn.) Ryan and I both read a good portion of it years ago, so as we’ve read book 1, a lot of little images and memories have come back. So our predictions would probably be a little too accurate. 🙂 I wonder if we can come up with a similar little game or contest, though?

      • Sven David

        Maybe a list of who’s your favorite character, based on currently abailable information. I know mine changed a lot during the series.

      • Brandon Bateson

        There already was a bit of foreshadowing or guessing about future events in this episode. I’m reading the series for the first time and I’m on book five. There was at least 1-2 events that were guessed correctly.

  • Sven David

    Just one small nitpick, in your podcast you say that the theory is that the age of legends is our age, while actually the going theory is that our age is the age before the age of legends, and the age of legends starts with the discovery of the one source.

    • Good catch. We had a very similar comment on Reddit, and I theorized along the lines you just said. Glad to know I was right…eventually. 🙂

  • Brennon Cox

    I am reading through this series for the 1st time and listening to you guys discuss them is super helpful. So i just wanted to say thanks and keep it up! (I also loved listening to your discussion of the Mistborn works as well)

    If i may i would like to add a comment to the discussion that i feel was missed! In part 2 of The Eye of the World, there was deep discussion of the Lan-Nynaeve “relationship”. It was noted (i dont recall by whom) that if the relationship was going to work, we need to see a change in Lan. A hypothetical situation was described where Lan needed to choose whom he would defend in a moment of need, or at least have some type of inner battle with himself where he hesitates in guarding Moiraine and lets a thought of Nynaeve slip in. HOWEVER, this is not just a hypothetical situation! This exact thing happens when they all come out of the Eye of the World Cavern to find 2 of The Forsaken waiting for them. It says that Lan could not put himself between The Forsaken and Moiraine without leaving Nynaeve vulnerable and vice versa. it says his hesitation “lasted only a heartbeat” but it was there. I agree that this is exactly the beginning changes i need to see in Lan if this is going to work. Not that i want it to haha. but thats a completely different topic. I just thought i would clear it up as it was not posed as a counter argument to the point that we havent seen a significant enough change in Lan. That is all.

    • Thanks, glad you’re enjoying them!

      Also, nice catch. I thought Ryan was talking about the actual scene you’re describing, but maybe it was just a forgetful moment. Oh well, we’re bound to screw up more than one thing over the course of 28 episodes. 🙂

      • Brennon Cox

        Oh its definitely not a screw up! Podcasts and I just have a love-hate relationship. i love getting the insight and banter from you guys, but its so frustrating that i cant pitch in my two cents in the moment haha. Makes for a lot of talking out loud to no one on the train…..;)

  • Brandon Bateson

    As this progresses I would be interested to hear your impressions on how each book changes. I’m currently on book five and it’s very different compared to The Eye of The World.

    • We just started reading book 3, and I’m amazed at the difference in just the first few chapters. But we’ll get to that later. 🙂

  • Samithi Sok

    This is my second read-through the series, and I have to say that I really enjoy listening to the podcast! There are a lot of things that you’ve brought up that I haven’t really thought about and it’s so interesting hearing what other people think about what I consider to be my favourite fantasy series, if not my favourite series of all time.

    I can’t wait for what your discussion on the upcoming books are, especially as they get more and more exciting in my opinion!

    Also, there’s a YouTube channel that has an entire playlist of Wheel of Time related music called Reflections of Sound Music. He basically takes songs that Jordan mentions in the series and fleshes them out into full songs. I highly suggest you check it out! ‘Coming Home from Tarwins Gap’ is my favourite.

    • Brennon Cox

      On Spotify you can find an album called A Soundtrack for The Wheel of Time by Robert Barry. It’s quite good.

  • Brennon Cox

    The Great Hunt – Part 2

    In the chapter where Nynaeve goes through the challenges to become Accepted, who else went, “oh thats probably where Veronica Roth got the idea in Divergent…”

    • Craig Hanks

      Not me, I haven’t even read (seen?) that one. 😛

      • Brennon Cox

        I’d say its worth it just to search “Divergent Fear Landscape” just to see the similarities and differences. It’s kind of a cool, futuristic version of the Acceptance Ceremony.

  • TheBoyWhoLived

    Halfway through part 2 of your EOTW podcast and really enjoying it so far. One question (which I appreciate I might just need to listen further to have answered) but do you ever get into criticism of the series? You’ve mentioned it’s LOTR-isms so far but as a first time reader (halfway through book 3) the biggest criticism I have so far is how poorly drawn many of its female characters are, particularly in their interactions with men. With the exception of Morraine (who is in many respects asexual so far) women are drawn as miserable, hen-pecking harridans. This might be understandable if the women and men were meant to be totally at odds with each other, but the joke is Jordan claims half of them love the other! Does he honestly think the best way to show romantic love, yearning or just flirtation is by the women being aloof, cold, verbally abusive or just generally threatening violence to the men they “love”? The men in turn offer nothing in the way of meaningful interaction with the women, they just stand there like stunned gazelles taking the verbal beastings, before both characters turn away and dwell on how deeply in love they both are. It’s actually pretty disturbing, and makes me worry about Jordan’s own domestic life at the time he was writing! Curious to hear what you think.

    • Craig Hanks

      I think we’ve brought up the men vs women stuff, and Jordan’s penchant for making his ‘strong’ women simply mean. I’m watching close to see if that ever improves as the books go on. As for what it says about his real life, I’d hesitate to read too much into it. I’ll explain more of my reasoning on the podcast at some point. Good comment, thanks!

      • TheBoyWhoLived

        Thanks for replying Craig. Actually after I wrote that I felt a bit guilty about my comment about Jordan’s personal life, I meant it more to be light hearted than it came across. The point I was trying to make is that I pity the person (Rand!) who thinks that’s the best they can look forward to in a relationship, and wonder why Jordan thought that was a good way to write it.

        I think it’s actually more of a general point that many fantasy authors struggle to write about convincing relationships. I think it’s because fantasy novels have to be so intense, epic and serious (what with the world ending) that the relationships mirror that and lack any of the actual charm, flirtation and humour that most real relationships thrive on. They can’t be like that all the time of course – I get that there’s a war going on – but you need a little bit of that to fall in love with someone in the first place. For example, what do Nyneave and Lan actually LIKE about each other? When do they make the other smile? I’m on Book 3 and they are meant to be deeply in love, yet they never even seemed to enjoy the other’s company!

  • K.P.I.V.A.R.O.T.O.

    Can you please say on the following episodes why the books have that particularly name?

    • Craig Hanks

      That’s a great idea, I think we’ll incorporate that. Thanks!

  • Mr_Carstairs

    This is the single greatest podcast in the history of the known space universe cosmosphere. If you do not listen to this podcast then you should be sent to the Hell of the Upside Down Sinners!! I will definitely look into Patreon support. Been a fan of this series since 1995 and I’m always looking for discussion about the books although I rarely ever take part. Keep up the good work.


    Question: Are the podcasts safe from spoilers if we’ve read an individual book but not the entire series. I am reading Shadow Rising now. Is it safe to listen to the podcasts on the first three books without encountering spoilers for the series as a whole?

    • Yes, you’re safe from spoilers. We read and discuss the books sequentially, so that you can listen along with us as we go through them.