The Belgariad

For the Belgariad podcast series, we take the books one at a time, in five episodes. After the Lord of the Rings podcast series, it’s Ryan’s turn to school Craig in a classic fantasy series.

The Pawn of Prophecy

Ryan assigns the Legendarium panel to read David Eddings for this Belgariad podcast series. This is one of the early(ish) fantasy series that helped set the tone for many of the tropes that have been seen since. But this beautifully written tale does them so well that you’ll hardly notice them as you start with Garion on his adventure with Belgarath and Polgara.

Queen of Sorcery

Ryan, Craig, and Todd discuss book 2 of the Belgariad, with a quick appearance from Kenn. The story is starting to heat up, and so is the action. This one is much more violent than the first, and thus much more up Kenn’s alley.

Magician’s Gambit

Ryan, Craig, and Kenn discuss the journey to Rak Cthol and the epic showdown between Ctuchik and Belgarath. New members of the company. Garion’s magic grows. Ce’Nedra is beyond the fathoming of her creator. Encasing someone in rock is a good way to kill them.

Castle of Wizardy

The guys discuss Garion’s coming of age–and coming into his inheritance–in the fourth installment of the Belgariad podcast series. We find out who the voice in his head is. Ce’Nedra’s innate ability to manipulate comes in real handy. Do any of these characters have free will in this story?

Enchanters End Game

The guys have one last chat in their Belgariad podcast series, wrapping up with book five, Enchanter’s End Game. Joining them through the miracle of Skype recording is Andrew Bayles, a Linguistics grad student from the University of Utah, who comes to teach them all what a true nerd sounds like.


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